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Six Pump Court Chambers (Stuart Jessop – Barrister)

Public Access – Licensing Applications and other licensing hearings (Businesses)

Stuart Jessop can advise you on the following licensing applications for your business: licenses for the sale or supply of alcohol, Temporary Event Notices, variation of licences, and reviews and revocations. Stuart Jessop can also represent you when your application is heard by the local authority licensing committee, and in any appeal to the Magistrates’ Court or further appeal by way of case stated or claim for judicial review in the High Court.


Timescales for my service may vary depending on factors such as my availability, the complexity of your application and the need for additional documents as well as when cases are listed by licensing authorities and courts, as applicable. As a guidewritten advice on your application will be available within two to four weeks where possible. Hearing dates for local authority licensing committees are set in advance, and Stuart Jessop will aim to represent you on your preferred hearing date where possible. As a guide, licensing hearings heard by the local authority are usually heard within a few weeks of an application being made or a review being conducted. There will not always be a hearing required. Appeals to the magistrates’ Court against a decision of the local authority will normally take a few months to be heard and completed. However, there is likely to be more than one hearing, usually at least two, before the matter is finally resolved. If the local authority licensing committee refuses your application or suspends or revokes your licence, appeals must be made to the Magistrates’ Court within 21 days.

Court fees are payable to the court on appeals and any legal challenge made to the High Court (see the court and tribunal fees section of the government website).

Stage of caseRanges of fixed fees (estimates)
Written advice on your application

£1000 – £5000 (depending on complexity – certain very large cases can be more)£2000= £5000 plus

(depending on complexity and volume)

Preparation, including meetings with you and assistance with drafting of application and where the case is an appeal to the magistrates’ court includes skeleton arguments and all other preparation (including assistance with statements and preparing bundles for appeals)

Local authority licensing committee hearing£1500-3000

Appeal to the Magistrates’ Court – initial hearing

£1500- £2500

Appeal to the Magistrates’ Court – full hearing

£2000-£3500 per day

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All information is correct as of 1st January 2020, but fees are estimates only. For a quotation, please contact the clerks on 020 7797 8400 (or e-mail

Hourly rate example

Stage of case

Ranges of hourly rates (estimates)

Written advice on your application

£300 per hour (the number of hours required will depend on the case and its complexity. This can range from a couple of hours to several hours or even days.

Preparation, including meetings with you and assistance with drafting of application

£300 per hour (again this can range from as little as a day to several days depending on complexity and the case itself.)

Local authority licensing committee hearing

£300 per hour, includes waiting and conferences on the day of the hearing (travel £300 per hour) Hearings can laste between 1 to several hours and can sometimes last longer than one day although this is not the most frequent time period.

Appeal to the Magistrates’ Court – initial hearing

£350 per hour

With travel this hearing is likely to last approximately 4 hours.


Appeal to the Magistrates’ Court – full hearing

£400 per hour. This hearing can last from a half a day plus travel to a full day or more than one day. In addition, sometimes the court will adjourn a case or either party will ask for a case to be adjourned to be heard on another day. If this occurs this day will be charged either at the agreed fixed fee or the agreed hourly rate as well as the new date on the same biases.