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Driving a taxi or private hire vehicle (PHV) cannot be done with just a normal driving license. It requires a specialist taxi driving license, and this license is therefore central to the livelihood of many individuals and private transport businesses. If the license were lost for any reason, a taxi driver would not only be suddenly out of a job but also unable to look for new employment in the same field.

With the need to protect the public and ensure that when they get into a taxi they will have a driver they can trust, the taxi driver license is subject to some extra conditions and requirements over those associated with a standard license. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that only those who pose a danger to the public will ever find themselves on the wrong side of these laws.

Obtaining the taxi license is a two-step process. The two stages are as follows:

There are also special licenses for those holding positions such as that of a fleet operator.

The UK's taxi drivers are some of the most regulated in the world, and the laws surrounding the licenses are complex and highly specialised. If you find yourself accused of breaking these laws, or if your wider circumstances change such as if you are convicted of a certain crime, there can be consequences. You might find your license is revoked or suspended, or you may have extra conditions or limitations placed upon it.


Your Taxi Licensing Barrister

As a professional taxi licensing barrister with plenty of experience in licensing law, I can help you with a wide range of issues that you may have with your taxi license. I can help you to appeal against a refusal to grant a license, or against the suspension or removal of your existing license. Offering the same services as traditional taxi licensing solicitors, I can also act as your barrister and help you to launch a robust, legally-grounded appeal against any conditions or limitations which are placed on your license and which you believe to be unfair.

As your taxi licensing barrister, I can also provide you with expert legal representation and advocacy at hearings, speaking up in your defence when you are accused of breaking the rules of the license.

If you have any problems with taxi licensing and require the services offered by typical taxi licensing solicitors and lawyers, or would like to meet with a taxi licensing barrister to discuss matters, then please contact me on 07771 541449 or


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Stuart Jessop is a member of the Institute of Licensing and holds the Professional Licensing Practitioner’s Qualification (PLPQ) and has been ranked as a leading barrister (Band 3) for licensing in the independent publication The Legal 500 for 2015.

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