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Firearms are used in legitimate activities which many people hold dear. They are, of course, also weapons with the potential to kill and seriously harm, and in the wrong hands can turn from sporting goods into tools for serious crime.

In order to prevent this from happening, a thorough and rigorous system of licensing is necessary and those who own firearms find themselves subject to strict safety and security conditions. If your licence is under thread, as a traditional firearms lawyer and professional firearms barrister, I can advise on the best course of action to take to protect your licence. 

Those who wish to own or acquire firearms are subject to strict checks to ensure that they are a sensible, law-abiding person who can be trusted to use guns responsibly and for only legitimate purposes. The Police must be satisfied that you pose no danger to the public, and this must be backed up by the word of two referees. Once you have a license, you must abide by strict conditions such as observing the proper hunting seasons. Perhaps most importantly, you must take adequate steps to ensure your weapon is secure and cannot fall into the possession of anybody less responsible without a great deal of difficulty.

Due to the importance of ensuring that only safe pairs of hands have access to firearms, these conditions are enforced rigorously. There are regular checks to ensure that your guns are being kept in an adequately secure manner, and checks into your suitability may be repeated when you apply for your license to be renewed.


Your Firearms Barrister

It is easy to fall foul of firearms legislation even if it's only the result of a minor one-off slip-up, and because of the strict way the license is enforced it is also easy to get caught. The consequences can be serious. You could face a hefty fine or even a prison sentence. You could also have your firearms certificate withdrawn and be left with little hope of owning another one, putting an end to your activities. However, with firearms solicitors, the extent of this can often be minimalised.

If you are facing allegations of firearms offences or failing to properly abide by the terms of your gun license, I can help. As an experienced firearms barrister, I can help provide an effective, thorough and expertly-assembled case for the defence backed by solid evidence, whether the charges against you are small or large. Like traditional firearms solicitors, I can help establish the exact extent of your liability, and identify any mitigating circumstances to ensure that you do not face any excessively harsh punishments or the unnecessary withdrawal of your license.

If you require the services of a traditional firearms lawyer as well as an experienced firearms barrister, please get in touch on 07771 541449 or  to discuss your circumstances.


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I met Stuart when I was on the opposing side in a recent licensing appeal. Since that time Woods Whur have instructed him in matters, in the most recent of which he won and had costs awarded in our client's favour. I would have no hesitation in recommending him."

Mr. P Whur, London

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